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After a filler issue reprinting a digest-only story and the original preview story from DC Comics Presents 26, the series began reprinting the first 31 issues of the "hardcover" series sans several back-up stories focusing on Tamaran that ran in New Teen Titans 14—18 , the first annual, and the lead story from the second annual, before being cancelled with issue Issue 1 of New Teen Titans vol.

The initial storyline, "The Terror of Trigon", [43] featured Raven's demon father attempting to take over Earth and Raven's own struggle to remain good despite Trigon's demonic blood inside her. Paul Levitz scripted and wrote several issues of the Brother Blood saga when Wolfman briefly left. Issue 50 told a new origin story for Wonder Girl, her link to Wonder Woman having been severed due to retcons created in the aftermath of Crisis on Infinite Earths. He would return for the series finale Feb. Issues 60 and 61 were part of a five-part crossover with Batman, "Lonely Place of Dying" and along with issue 65, featured the debut of Tim Drake as the third Robin.

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The brief return of Perez and the addition of Tom Grummett failed to move sales for the book, which were starting to decline. Furthermore, the addition of Danny Chase a teenage psychic drew negative fan response due to his abusive attitude towards the rest of the team. Believing Wolfman had grown stagnant, DC assigned Wolfman a new editor, Jonathan Peterson, and gave Peterson authority to override Wolfman over the direction of the book.

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With Peterson controlling the book's direction, the series was rapidly overhauled. The Wildebeast, a villain who used proxies and surrogates to hide his true identity while vexing the Titans, was expanded to a full army of villains and revealed to be a front for the remaining members of the super-villain group HIVE. The group fell under the control of Titan Jericho, who in turn was being possessed by the corrupted souls of Azarath. During the Titan Hunt storyline that followed 71—84 , Cyborg was destroyed and rebuilt, along with being lobotomized; Danny Chase and Arella Raven's mother were killed and resurrected as the gesalt [ check spelling ] being Phantasm an identity created by Chase early in the series ; while Raven, Jericho, and obscure Titans ally Golden Eagle were killed.

New character Pantha based on plans for a female Wildcat character Wolfman conceived in the mid-'80s joined the team, along with Deathstroke and Red Star. Deathstroke was also given his own solo book and the team received its first crossover tie-in since Millennium, with New Titans 80 being part of the War of the Gods storyline.


Peterson also saw the launch of Team Titans, which featured a new genetically modified and heroic doppelganger of Terra and Donna Troy, who was depowered in the Total Chaos crossover. Peterson left the book before Total Chaos concluded, leaving Wolfman to deal with the fallout from Peterson's editorially mandated storylines, including the final break-up between Starfire and Nightwing as a couple, the return of Speedy as Arsenal, and the resurrection of Raven as a villain. Following Zero Hour, the series saw a revamp: Nightwing was removed from the series by Batman editorial and a roster of new young heroes such as Damage and Impulse were inserted into the team to try and renew interest, along with Team Titan survivors Mirage and Terra II.

New Green Lantern Kyle Rayner was also brought onto the title and given a prominent romance with Donna Troy, whose marriage with Terry Long had collapsed in the pages of Team Titans before the book's cancellation. Sales saw a collapse and despite several crossovers with other books Damage, Green Lantern, Darkstars, and Deathstroke , the series was cancelled with issue The series finale saw the return of Blackfire as an ally, as the Titans purged Raven of evil once again in order to prevent Raven and the revived Citadel Empire from reconquering the Vega star system.

The New Teen Titans was widely thought of as DC's answer to the increasingly popular Uncanny X-Men from Marvel Comics , as both series featured all-new members and depicted young heroes from disparate backgrounds whose internal conflicts were as integral to the series as was their combat against villains. The two teams met in the crossover one-shot entitled "Apokolips Now", which teamed Darkseid , Deathstroke and Dark Phoenix against both teams. In , Marv Wolfman and George Perez began planning a prestige format special, their first work together on the franchise since Perez left after New Teen Titans v2 5.

The project was put on hold when it was decided instead to have Perez return to the main book as artist and for their first project back together to be "Who Is Wonder Girl? Over the course of and , George Perez and Marv Wolfman continued to work on "Games" with over half the project being completed. But the ascension of Jonathan Peterson as editor of the series and Perez moving off of New Titans in order to work on Infinity Gauntlet for Marvel led to the book being shelved.

In the early '00s, Marv Wolfman and George Perez approached DC about completing the book as a stand-alone graphic novel. The book was completed in and published in The plot had the New Titans be forced by King Faraday to go after a mysterious mastermind who forces his victims to play deadly "games" for his amusement.

The story features several major events the deaths of King Faraday and Cyborg's longtime love interest Sarah Simms and Danny Chase being maimed that make it impossible to fit into canon, reducing it to an alternate universe side story in the Teen Titans lore. The series was an anthology series and featured individual members of the Titans in solo stories, often spanning multiple issues. The series also focused on former members of the group such as Hawk and Aqualad and the Brotherhood of Evil, detailing the formation of the second version of the group.

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As the move to the direct market effectively limited New Teen Titans ability to be part of company wide crossovers, two issues of "Spotlight" tied into the Millennium crossover, with the second issue being the coda for the crossover. Their mission was to kill the pregnant Troy before she could give birth. Teen Titans was written and penciled by Dan Jurgens.

Atom , who had become a teenager following the events of Zero Hour , leads the brand-new team of Prysm , Joto , Risk and Argent. Arsenal became a mentor about halfway through. The series ended in September A contest was held in the letters pages to determine who would join the team.

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This led into Titans , written by Devin K. Grayson , [49] starting with Titans Secret Files 1 March One new member, Jesse Quick , joined. This team lasted until issue 50 The West Coast branch of the team, Titans L. Launched at the same time was a companion series, a revived version of "The Outsiders" which featured Nightwing and Arsenal, along with several other Titans members Captain Marvel Jr.

Raven later returned to the team, reborn in a new teenage body while Jericho was brought back, having escaped death by possessing and laying dormant inside his father Deathstroke's mind. The series renewed interest in the Titans, [50] but drew sharp complaints due to shifts in the personalities of the various Young Justice characters. Most notably, the decision to have Impulse rebrand himself Kid Flash and the decision to jettison his happy-go-lucky person in favor of a more serious personality.

The series, under Geoff Johns, also dramatically retconned Superboy's origin with the revelation that he was a hybrid clone based on the combined DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor. Under Geoff Johns, the Teen Titans were front and center during the build-up and events of the Infinite Crisis crossover. Following the events of Infinite Crisis, the Teen Titans fell into a state of chaos.

Wonder Girl quit the group to join a cult she believed could resurrect Superboy, while Robin took a leave of absence to travel the globe with Batman and Nightwing. Changeling and Raven attempted to keep the Titans going, resulting in a massive open call membership drive that saw a large number of heroes come and join the roster, which was anchored by Beast Boy and Raven. During this period, Osiris was driven from the team due to a smear campaign launched by Amanda Waller after she manipulated him into killing a super-villain.

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The smear campaign against Osiris, along with the war between Black Adam and Intergang, led to Black Adam declaring war on the world. In the ensuing series of battles against the super-hero community, the Titans fought and lost a bloody battle with the villain, culminating in the deaths of Terra II and Young Frankenstein. The deaths led to Beast Boy resigning from the team to join the Doom Patrol along with Herald and Bumblebee, while Raven took a leave of absence in order to purge Jericho of the dark forces that were corrupting him.

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  4. Robin and Wonder Girl eventually rejoined the Titans now located in San Francisco, California and helped foil Bombshell's plan to frame Miss Martian as Deathstroke's latest mole in the team and allowed Raven to cleanse Jericho of the Azarathian corruption that had turned him evil. Geoff John's final arc on the series would introduce a new villainous "Titans East" team, led by Deathstroke and Batgirl Cassandra Caine.

    Soon after, events related to the Countdown story arc impact the Titans. Duela Dent and Bart Allen are killed; Cyborg leaves; and Supergirl joins and Blue Beetle is invited to train, but the two eventually leave, with the members joining the Justice League of America and Justice League International respectively. The Titans fight the future, evil adult versions of the group Titans Tomorrow and Clock King and the Terror Titans, who are part of Darkseid's underground fight club for metahumans.

    After the Batman R. P storyline, Robin leaves and Wonder Girl leads the team. Red Devil loses his powers after Brother Blood absorbs them.

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    Miss Martian returns with several teen heroes liberated from the Dark Side Club. During the events of the Blackest Night crossover, some dead Titans are resurrected as members of the Black Lantern Corps. In the ensuing battle, Hawk is killed after her predecessor Hank Hall tears her heart out.

    At the end of the Blackest Knight crossover, Hank Hall is resurrected and resumes his partnership with Dove. In the main series, Ravager and Jericho fight their father Deathstroke and the dead members of the Wilson family, resurrected as Black Lanterns. During this time, several back-up stories begin to run in the series: one called "The Coven", starring Black Alice , Zachary Zatara and Traci 13 and later, one starring Ravager.

    Later storylines involve the corruption of Wonder Girl at the hands of various factors designed to address complaints about the character's abusive attitudes towards her teammates post- Infinite Crisis , Kid Devil is killed in battle, while Kid Eternity is revealed to have been beaten to death by the Calculator after being kidnapped by him. Krul became the writer with issue 88 and penciller Nicola Scott became the book's artist.

    The Titans undergo this roster change in issue 87, the final issue before Krul's run. Following a mission to an alternate dimension to rescue Raven, the team splits.

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    Bombshell and Aquagirl are missing in action , Miss Martian is in a coma and she and a powerless Static leaves with Cyborg to go to Cadmus Labs in order to find a way to restore his powers. Damian Wayne , the current Robin, is announced as a new team member, [53] officially joining in A series for Static was announced. She entered the main Teen Titans title following the crossover with the Red Robin series. Tim rejoins the team as Red Robin rather than Robin but Cassie would remain the leader.